Come to one of my live sketch sessions at various events around the area. In only five minutes, I can produce a quality life like sketch of you or someone you love.

Or, get some of the neighborhood together at your home, and have me come to you.  Its cheaper too.  Wedding Receptions?  A great GIFT to offer all who come dressed up,  for a lasting memory.

REMEMBER, children need not sit still.  No Charge if I can’t draw them. Are you interested in learning how Elliot draws so quickly, or have you had a desire for years to learn more, and have always enjoyed drawing?  Maybe you would   like to set up a CLASS for Elliot to come and teach?  Call him at  218-722-6895.

If you have a large well lit room in your home,  see if there is an interest among your friends.   Most important, for those of you who are dabbling at sketching, be determined to NOT STOP, especially when you need a word of encouragement, and don't get one.  Or, just aren't satisfied and want to improve? Just keep on drawing, you WILL improve even if you dont see it.

Keep it fun; draw for the joy it it.