Renfaire Bldg


Minnesota Renaissance shop for sale or rent



Newer construction, hefty-strong and secure, locking front and back entrances.

High ceiling for 2nd floor if desired. Cement footings, all pressure treated lumber. A solid shop, completely up to code; All electric to code.

SALES AREA: 15’wide X 18 ‘deep
Stucco walls…paying counter for customers
Double floor, very clean, insulated, sheet-rock.
Locking back entrance, window, ceiling fan, outlets on each wall.
Contract for Deed Considered Possible








The MINNESOTA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, is 40 years old, maybe the largest and best on the circuit. For the past 10 years undergoing re-construction; that is, all the shops are being brought UP TO CODE: Like this shop, fully up to code.

It’s a beautiful environment, portraying an authentic 16th century village. There are numerous activities going on all day to draw people. Lots of food booths close by; THE STOCKS entertainment on-going, GLASS BLOWING DEMONSTRATIONS, besides street characters doing their acts.

Crowds begin gathering soon after opening cannon, and mill about most the day. ALSO, the shop is at a major intersection where the King and his court, and crowds gather each day, including the PARADE.

To Qualify for the shop, ones art or craft must be accepted by the FESTIVAL; in other words, so it doesn’t conflict with what shops on each side are selling. Call 952-445-7361 ext. 202, ask for Susan, Craft Coordinator for Information.

If you are interested in my Minnesota Renaissance Faire shop for sale, CONTACT ELLIOT.