Fishin Witcho


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Other Tunes on This Album Include:

  • Steelhead Blues
  • Yes Yes
  • I’m Goin Fishing
  • Gone Fishin’



Meet Me On The Water
A true story about me an Marvin. You could listen or, just GO FISH.

Catfish Bait
Catfish Bait, can be stinky, vile, and disgusting; similar to some of life experiences and people.

Fishin Witcho
Like the song says, “keep it clean if ya know what I mean”.

Will There Be Any Fishing In Heaven
A most personal song, pondering some of life’s deepest questions.

Crawdad Song
Me an the kids had a great time. And you kids did great, loose as a goose riding a moose.

Coho Handcream For Men
Bio-degradeable and eatable in a pinch. Somewhat breaking news, regarding Coho Hand Cream For Men, “sexual stimulants for fish, also works on men and women.” According to Hard Copy and the Geraldo T.V. Show, ” almost everyone feels frisky again.” It comes in Coho, Steelhead, and Chinook scent.

Go Fish
When life’s tensions get extreme and it ain’t no dream; Be it the Lord,the workshop, the cave, the garage, the lake or river, everyone needs one.

Da Hookset
Ah yes, what can I say about Da Hookset? Like Al sez, ya get a bit younger with every one. Married? My suggestion is, look her in da eye an say, baby, any fish I catch is beautiful, and reminds me of you.